Ways of Giving

Donations to the Library and contributions to Friends of Wadsworth Library are two different ways of supporting Wadsworth Library.

  • Donations to Wadsworth Library are added to the tax dollars that support the Library’s operating budget and pay for essential services.
  • Friends of Wadsworth Library uses membership dues and donations to pay for special programs and items that the library could not otherwise afford. 
 Wadsworth Library thanks you for your support!


  1. I am wondering how many FOWL are paying members. Would also like to know what "County/State/Federal revenue of $16,678 is, according to Annual Report. Thanks.

  2. All FOWL are paying members. The breakdown of the $16,678 is as follows:
    1. $2,705 is state funding titled Local Library Services Aid
    2. $250 is Federal Aid for the summer reading program
    3. $749 is state funding for mileage reimbursement
    4. $10,844 is county funding
    5. $250 is a book grant from Assemblyman Burling
    6. $1,880 is a Genesee Valley Council on the Arts Community Arts grant
    Let me know if you want any further information. Thank you for your interest.